Thursday, 21 April 2016



Ha ha! Well done Rosie for winning the hypothetical prize, I have indeed been to Paddington Station in London and found a whole heap of Paddington Bears in WH Smith entertaining the tourists. Darkest Peru is still on my list of places to visit.

Today, I'm just going to give you a flavour of some of the grand buildings which looked fabulous in the sun.

Royal Academy of Arts and Burlington Arcade with one of the Thomas Heatherwick designed buses outside.

Apsley House, where the Duke of Wellington used to live and the entrance to Hyde Park

Wellington on his horse near the Wellington Arch, the bronze on top of which is currently undergoing conservation.

The Ritz Hotel

Horse Guards Parade with the London Eye in the background

Coming out of the Arch at Horseguards
These buildings just show the grandeur of London.

Another new block of flats changing the skyline in Blackfriars
I managed 20,964 steps around the capital, taking in the sights on the way all in the interests of keeping you amused!  With it being such a fantastic day, the old camera barely had a rest from clicking so the next few posts will show you what April in London is like.

21st April 2016 is Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday. All the celebrations are taking place in Windsor so the flagpoles of The Mall leading up to Buckingham Palace didn't have any celebratory flags on them, they did have crowns on though!



  1. What a lovely day you had in lovely, lovely London - and what a fantastic number of steps! Well done you. I am jealous. x

    1. The weather just couldn't have been better x

  2. I'm working backwards through your posts... don't ask me why! So you did go to London to visit the Queen :)

    1. No she was in Windsor getting ready for her party! x