Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Cloudy Afternoon


I'm glad you all liked the bluebells yesterday as I have a few more for you today! They are springing up all over the place! I've been off to buy some more food and popped in to our favourite park.

I am happy to report that there seems to be two swan nests at the Park by the Shops, one in each lake although only the bright blue plastic netting fence and notice telling us not to bother the swans alerted me to the one at the back. So a bit of competition for the swans this year.

There's the swan - that white thing!

The gunnera is up and about.

A pretty weed amongst the nettles

More bluebells, and whitebells.

Chestnuts starting too.


It was that sort of day, rather cloudy.

Inside a new exhibition was being installed but it's all rather mysterious.

Maybe I'll be able to tell you more next time when hopefully there will be some description to go with the artwork.

Thanks for visiting.

Bye for now.


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    1. Oops, sorry was replying as my husbands blog!!! Was trying to say the gunnera looks amazing and that I hope to grab myself a bluebell walk this Sunday

    2. I hope you've enjoyed it. We found a close quite close to home that we didn't realise was there, so there are a few more photos on the way. X

  2. Lovely to see the bluebells again and all the other flowers, I love the gunnera leaves when they are all curled up before they flatten out - the colour and texture is wonderful:)

    1. They are so much tougher and scratchier than you think aren't they! :-)