Thursday, 3 March 2016

Kit Williams


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With it being World Book Day today, I have had a scan of my book shelves for something to share with you and have found two books by Kit Williams - Masquerade and the Untitled, or the one with the bees, book.

Kit Williams was born in Kent in 1946 and is known as an Artist, Illustrator and Author. Masquerade, the first of his four books, contained clues to a real life treasure hunt for a golden hare hidden somewhere in the UK. In 1979 when it was published it became somewhat of a craze - everyone was trying to be the one to find the hare. The author was receiving 200 letters a day at one point and it took over two years before the hare was found - the first person to do so, it turned out, had had some help from the Author's girlfriend but hadn't cracked the code. However, shortly afterwards two teachers came forward with a perfect solution and they were recognised as the winners.

In 1984 Kit Williams made another book with bees on the cover with the title hidden. Readers had to send a representation of the title without using any words. This time there was a time limit of a year and a day and the prize was awarded on Terry Wogan's show.

If you'd like to find out more about the solutions to the books, have a look at this website.

Kit Williams uses oil paints on his detailed pictures and has also gone on to make clocks for shopping centres in Cheltenham and Telford and the Dragonfly maze in Bourton on the Water.

The Wishing Fish Clock Cheltenham

Dragonfly Maze

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  1. I love artwork on book jackets. These by Kit Williams are great. Love the honeycomb cover. I've never seen the dragonfly maze...another place to seek out on my travels. Thanks for joining Paint Monthly once again. B X

    1. Pleasure, I haven't exactly seen the paintings though! x

  2. I didn't know the second book, but I did know of the first and remember it. It was amazing wasn't it. The illustrations are just incredible and so beautiful! Thank you for reminding me. xx

    1. I've only seen these two, I must find out about the others. Fancy getting so many letters - it's a bit like your Five on Friday comments! x

  3. What interesting looking books, I love the bee one xx