Thursday, 17 March 2016

Craft Update


Thanks for visiting, great to see you!

I've been pressing on with my crochet squares to cover the cushions on an old chair.

72 large squares and 12 small squares later, I'm in the process of joining them all together.

It's all going to be really jazzy which was just the look I was aiming at!!! I've still got to make 40 small squares for the sides of both cushions.

BBC iPlayer has a couple of programmes about the Fabric of Britain from 2013 including Knitting's Golden Age, the Story of Wallpaper and the Wonder of Embroidery. I watched the one about knitting through the ages as the craft came in and out of fashion. Kaffe Fassett was interviewed and below is one of his designs. I might have to try the other programmes too.

Not sure how I missed it first time round!



  1. I have them taped ready to watch. Love the colours in your crochet.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished chair! x

  3. Your chair is going to be wonderful! A happy place to sit! x K

  4. Your lovely bright jazzy cushions are looking good and will really brighten up your room when they are finished. I would be intested in the golden age of knitting program, must look it up. xx

    1. I think we'll need to wear sunglasses when we go in the room! x

  5. It looks really good! I look forward to seeing the finished chair! xx

  6. Very jazzy indeed! I am looking forward to seeing the finished chair too xx