Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Walnut Bread


Just popping by to recommend Sainsburys Taste the Difference walnut cob loaf.

Not a brilliant photo especially as we've already eaten half of it!

Sometimes you buy a fresh loaf and it's absolutely delicious but then the next day it starts to go all dry and doesn't taste so good. Sometimes you don't want to eat a whole loaf the day you bought it. This walnut cob tastes great on several days after purchase, I suppose it's the walnuts.

This website gives a lot of information about the nutritional benefits of eating walnuts which apparently contain a rich source of energy, antioxidants, minerals especially manganese and copper and vitamin E.

You may have noticed my penchant for coffee and walnut cake (as well as cheese scones!) and Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing is always going on about pickled walnuts (not something I would ever consider).

Sometimes a slice of bread is all that's required.



  1. Oh how lovely, is it a substantial loaf? I think something like that would be good with some cheese & salad x

    1. It's smallish 400g, quite a close but bouncy texture with bits in as my children used to say! Crusty and floury on the top. x

  2. Looks lovely, I can imagine it with a nice cheese and some crispy salad:)

  3. Must look out for that, sounds yummy. xx

  4. Looks like the perfect comfort food! I laughed to see you had already eaten half :) The best advertisement there is. xx K

  5. Oh that looks good. I love Walnuts too, I must try this out. Thank you for sharing xx