Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sun and Mud


Thursday was a great day for a walk by the lakes. This was the place I went to count the butterflies way back in July.

No butterflies were around of course but the birds were enjoying themselves. I still didn't see a kingfisher - one day! - and I didn't see a wigeon either. This is what I did see!

It was very muddy along the path, lucky I had my boots on!



  1. That looks a lovely place to go for a walk even if it was muddy and somewhere I would like to visit. It is hard to avoid mud whilst walking at the moment isn't it. xx

  2. Blue skies how lovely, a lovely post.

  3. What a walk - green grass, blue skies, flowers...! Lovely!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lovely photos, especially the daisies! It's very muddy around here too at the moment after all the rain last night.
    Cathy x

  5. Looks like you made the most of a rare sunny day! We definitely need more of them at the moment. Love the crocuses. Barbara x