Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Shadows at the Park


Time to get rid of those cobwebs and stop off at the park. Glorious sun, a tad cold at 5°C but just right for a wander. Do come and join me, don't forget your gloves.

Look at that blue sky!

Bright and shiny reflections in the lake

New shoots

Mossy trunk

A shadowy me, what long legs for 10:30.

A smiley face needed?

More shadows

Seagulls in a puddle

Sun streams into the gallery

Colourful patterns on the wall from the stained glass

Sweeny Todd is the next production

Off to the shops now.



  1. The park looks like a good place to walk. Dry weather and blue skies are welcome even if it's cold. Where is the park and the building?

    1. If you look at my label for south Hill Park you'll see some more photos. :-)

    2. Thanks. I'll take a look :)

  2. What a lovely walk and isn't it good to see the sun for a while:)

  3. Oh wow just look at that blue sky, how fantastic! The sun coming in the gallery looks lovely too. A fabulous winter walk Karen xx