Monday, 11 January 2016



Thanks for calling in.

Have you got a pile of Christmas goodies left over from the festive season?

We did pretty well with the quantities this year even with two boys staying, popping in and out. We have ended up, as we often do, with an excess of panettone. Well, Lidl's had three different types to choose from so we thought - let's get one of each! It's no hardship as they keep well and if they last till Easter, that's fine with us.

We have had to cope with several of this type of mountain this year what with helping Mum to downsize prior to her move.  We've had the pear mountain, when the pear trees went bonkers and produced vast quantities which filled our entire freezer - we are down to two packs both of which with chilli added.

Then there was the homemade jam mountain, jars and jars of jam from Mum's cupboard, you can't throw it away can you. I think we're down to six jars now.

Candle mountain, scrap paper mountain, tool mountain followed.  The candles are still burning but the others have gone. Medical appointment mountain continues.

Over the last year I have felt I have been swimming beneath the surface of piles of commodities trying to make my way to the surface.

The end is in sight though. With the risk of changing my analogies, it will all be downhill from here.



  1. Oh, I love panettone but I didn't buy any this season. It's so tasty as French toast, too. Have a great week, Pat :)

  2. Ah, yes, tins of 'biscuits for cheese' and Quality Street galore. I gave a huge wedge of our Christmas cake to my next door neighbours otherwise we would still be eating it:)

    1. Biscuits for cheese seem to last from one year to the next! :-)

  3. Yes, still leftovers here, but in a good way! I like that in January, you can mix and match things together and have things on hand and you don't have to think too much. Works for us! xx

  4. I seem to have a bit of a jam mountain. It's great to give away, but it's time we ate more of it at home! I think Panetone is great to have surplus of it lasts for months :) B X