Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Interlopers at the Park

Hello hello!

What's this?

The swans are on the wrong lake at the Park by the Shops. How can this be? They are never on the lake with the fountain. How odd! Where are the cygnets?

It's a grey afternoon, we're waiting for the storm that deposited two feet of snow on Washington but are assured that it will only be rain for us. Nobody is sitting on the bench, it's getting rather dark and it's only 1:30.

The flower beds have been cleared apart from these wispy grasses masquerading as wigs.

A few primulas are hidden by the wall.

Across the road on the other lake . . . what's this? Five swans! The normal amount of swans in the right place! So where did the others come from?

Tyre prints in the mud. Let's go inside and see what's happening.

Cups ready for a party.

A film advertising the Media activities on offer. Not sure what's going on!

One Man Two Governors the next play on stage.

Some prints for sale.

That's it, till next time.

Thanks for popping in.


  1. Always lovely to go to the park by the shops with you! Seems an odd place for swans though doesn't it! xx

  2. Lovely to see the swans. The bench is so pretty!

  3. Random swan spotting what could be better? It's a lovely park and I bet that was a welcome brew xx