Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sew, How's it Going?


Many thanks for all the messages, it's great to hear from you.

I seem to have been taken up with all sorts of things recently and my handicraft output has slowed down somewhat.

I like to use up all my wool before I order anymore - it makes it more exciting! - so having reached the end of my stash, I was thrilled when a huge box of lovely colourful double knit arrived ready for me to join in Lucy's CAL tomorrow. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with the weekly parts but I'll get there in the end.

I'm pressing on with joining two old patchwork quilts together. Goodness what a faff!  They are both the same size with some wadding in between. I've had a few false starts trying to decide how to tackle it. My domestic sewing machine just couldn't cope with the layers and the stitches turned out all squished together, so that had to be unpicked.

Then I tried to sew from one side to the other by hand flipping the material backwards and forwards, arrgh! It's the lining up of the squares that's a nightmare.

In the end, I've found that anchoring the layers together from edge to edge has worked and now I can sew a running stitch vertically then horizontally etc. along the squares all the way from top to the left side which seems to give a good tension and stop the material being too puffy! I can't get the stitches as small as I'd like though because of the thickness of the wadding. I've decided to get it all joined together first and see if I can improve it later. Palavar!

You can see from the photo it's getting a bit bobbly, I'm calling that vintage quilting as it sounds better.

Chalk Painting
Not content with all the other things that are going on, I decided to have a go at painting an old wardrobe and chest of drawers/dressing table with chalk paint. It's a duck egg blue now. It's distressed and so I am as I'm not sure I like the colour. I can't decide whether to paint over it with a different colour or put some wax on top so I'm leaving it for a bit. Every now and then I look at it and go hmmm.

The decluttering continues with a carboot tomorrow. I haven't done one before so fingers crossed I come back with an empty car.

Hope you weekend is going well.


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  1. What a beautiful quilt!! I too get excited when new wool/fabric arrives :)