Thursday, 19 November 2015

Quilt Ta-Dah!


I hope you are all keeping well.

Having just finished joining the two quilts together and binding the edge, here are a few photos to show you what it looks like.

One side is more bumpy than the other and as they were never meant to be joined, I think it looks ok.  It looks quite jolly on the bed.  I cut up Mum's old cushion covers, as you do, to make strips to bind the edges which I managed to sew on with the sewing machine.

Anyway, there we are, it's done.  All those memories collected together.

I have a lot to do at the moment as I've started on the dresses for my friend's church to take to Africa in February and with the scraps that are far too small to do anything with, I'm making some bunting.  The material has all been donated and consists of shirts and duvet covers so I should be able to knock up quite a few dresses.  I'll show you when they're done.

Must dash, the sewing machine is calling . . .