Sunday, 15 November 2015

Peanut Biscuits


I've been a bit busy on the computer sorting out things for Christmas. It's that time of year, isn't it!

So instead of offering you a recipe with a colourful tutorial, here's something I found at the shops recently. These Hellema Peanut Cookies are so crunchy and peanutty, it does say so on the packet but I've lopped that bit off in the photo. Of course, they do contain nuts which might put those with allergies off.

By the way, those aren't my hands nor is the coffee. I found them in the Waitrose newspaper!

I've opened the packet to show you, so now I'll have to eat them all up!!



  1. Ha! I was going to comment on your beautiful nail colour too. I love peanut butter biscuits, I will gave to give them a try. Enjoy xx

    1. The hands in the photo look so 3D, I suppose it's because the packet is real. x