Sunday, 11 October 2015

London Underground


Travelling on the London Underground, you can't help but notice the striking signage, architecture and the tube map.

Frank Pick, born in 1878 in Lincolnshire, became Chief Executive of London Transport and was responsible for bringing the Company international acclaim for its public architecture and graphic art.  He changed the look of the new Underground railway stations, with new improved signage, posters commissioned from artists and illustrators and tube maps to create a coherent corporate identity. 

He commissioned Edward Johnston in 1918 to create an improved roundel, the circle and bar logo, and in 1933 Harry Beck to create the diagrammatic tube map based on a circuit board. Artists such as Graham Sutherland, Man Ray and Edward McKnight Kauffer made aspirational posters to advertise the places that could be reached using public transport to tempt passengers out of London.

Have a look at the Design Museum's website for lots more information on this shy, brilliant and diligent man.

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