Sunday, 13 September 2015

World Wildlife Fund HQ


I'm still in Woking today, I hope you are enjoying looking round with me.

Just across from the Lightbox, I noticed another new and exciting looking building.  The plants outside were especially intriguing as they had been chopped off and looked quite stubbly.

I wasn't sure whether the building was an office block or a visitor attraction but I ventured in and was greeted by a very helpful Receptionist.  The building was the headquarters for the World Wildlife Fund, The Living Planet Centre.  It is a BREEAM Outstanding building, which means that it is a state-of-the-art building with minimal ecological impact.

Luckily it also caters for visitors, though there isn't a cafe, and the Receptionist showed me the four zones of the WWF Experience.  The wooden zones are packed with touch-screens allowing visitors to explore WWF projects.

A film about the sea was showing across these screens.

There are places to peep through, there's a screen behind the panda.

Small entrances for children to squeeze under and big ones too for those who think they may get stuck!

Information on the outside

Each zone is a different shape

This is the ceiling

Looking through to the offices behind.  On open days this section is also open.  Can you see the pandas just above the red chair on the right?  They are collection boxes which have been turned into an artwork.  Apparently there is a heat sensor in the ceiling so that the pandas turn to look at people that walk by.

Treasure hunt for the children to do.

The outside
I really enjoyed looking at the building and am surprised that I hadn't heard of it before especially as David Attenborough performed the opening ceremony.

The WWF do some incredible work to protect endangered animals and environments, tackles climate change and promotes sustainable living.

Bye for now.

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  1. What a wonderful place to find, it looks like an interesting visit. Thanks for sharing your photos:)