Thursday, 24 September 2015

Under the Hammer


Thanks for calling in, lovely to see you.

There are a wealth of programmes on TV about antiques at the moment, in fact just doing a search of the BBC highlighted 44, one of which is Flog It.  Well today I've been on my own flog it adventure, nothing to do with the TV.

Downsizing often produces the most unusual items that aren't suitable for the charity shop, advertising on Gumtree or are too good for the tip.  What to do with them?  I decided it would be a good idea to have a shot at entering them in a local auction, so a few weeks ago, I delivered them to be catalogued.  You have to be aware of the charges before you start, to see if it's worth doing.  It costs £5 per item to get them into the Catalogue.  If they are large and have to be collected, that can cost £40 and then there are the fees if the item is sold - 15% + 20% VAT on that.  The buyer is also charged a percentage.

I set off for the auction to lounge about nonchalantly at the back to see what would happen, keeping my hands firmly down by my side and suppressing all my nervous ticks, just in case I accidentally made a  bid for an enormous cupboard or an extravagant piece of jewellery!  Actually, if you want to buy something, you have to get a card with a number printed on from Reception to hold up to show the Auctioneer when you're bidding.

There was time to have a quick peek at the Lots on offer before people plonked onto chairs, that were for sale, and the auctioneer took up his gavel.

We were off! In half an hour we had reached Lot 50.  Most of the furniture was passed over and not sold unless it was really tiptop.  The flowery cupboard door above was part of a large French dresser and the bids were coming thick and fast, it sold for £280. A gentleman purchased a lovely three piece suite for just £60.  The chimneys were very popular going for £85 each.  Next up was my Lot, fingers crossed, I mustn't bid for this.  I was thrilled when the Auctioneer already had some bids and then there was a telephone bidder too.  Excellent, we were quids in, enough to cover all the catalogue fees on the two other Lots at least. Phew!

They had 575 Lots scheduled for the day so I had to come away before the others came up.  I wonder how they did?  Funnily enough I bumped into a neighbour there all set to bid for a clock.  I wonder if she bought our clock?  I could have just given it to her if I'd known!  Maybe she wanted the enormous grandfather clock that was displayed in the showroom, I will have to see if she turns up with it strapped to the car!

Have fun.

Bye for now!

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