Thursday, 3 September 2015



It's MOT time again. I've just recovered from the last one!  Cars over a certain age have to be tested every year to make sure they are road worthy, fit and able to keep going for another year.

I am not an enthusiastic driver. I prefer the train and a book but even I have to admit some things are much easier with a car. A car is just a convenient conveyance, a shopping trolley, a short cut to the station.  Mine is an antique, on that borderline every year, will it get through the tests without too much expense or will it have to be replaced?

I take it to my local garage as I can then walk home while it is put through it's paces. It's only a small garage with a workshop but they are awfully helpful. I have to prepare myself that the tests will probably take several days as they can't be rushed. They are about to be taken over by another company so things are even slower as they have to take the car elsewhere for the MOT to find out what's wrong, then fix all the problems and then drive it back to get the Certificate.

Two days ago I dropped off the car. Today, after it had been driven to the tester, I had to collect it, drive it to another place to get a replacement tyre, take it back to the garage who then had to drive it to the MOT tester while I went home again to await their call to go and collect it! There must be a better way!

Still hopefully the car will be able to press on till next year, when the decisions will have to be made all over again.

Brrrrm! Beep Beep!

Bye for now.


  1. Glad it passed with just the need for a tyre, not too bad! My car is old too, but I treasure it and (touch wood!) hope that it will go on for more years yet! Might be time for you to find a new garage with a better system though! xx

    1. You're probably right but that's next year's problem! x