Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Just William


Thanks for all the messages, I really enjoy them all, every single one!

I'm down memory lane again and wanted to tell you all about Richmal Crompton's creation William Brown or Just William as he is better known.  No doubt you've all known and loved him as much as I do but just in case you haven't heard of him, I'd like to recommend Martin Jarvis' audio rendition of the stories.

Back in the day when you had cassette tape players in cars, we had no end of fun listening to the stories as we sped around the country on our holidays. We laughed at all the escapades William and his gang The Outlaws got up to, joining in with all our favourite phrases that we had heard and enjoyed over and over again.

There are so many enjoyable adventures with William, his dog Jumble, Ginger, Henry and Douglas and lisping Violet Elizabeth Bott and Martin Jarvis manages to have a different voice for each character and as you are listening only, you can imagine all the scenery and people, which is just the best way.

I can't decide which is my favourite, is it The Leopard Hunter, or William's Birthday or William and the Lost Tourist or William and the Musician? Truth is, I love them all!



  1. Oh we had one of those tapes, the kids loved listening to it in the car. I wonder if it is still in our full to the rafters attic. Martin Jarvis was fab.

  2. I loved Just William! We had tapes as well but I can't remember which ones now, but we all loved lisping along as Violet Elithabeth :)

  3. I love a good book on tape and still have some that I listen to! xx