Sunday, 16 August 2015

Windsor High Street


Having been suitably refreshed by an Americano in a cafe next to the Castle in Windsor, it was time to take in the sights.

The flowers and hanging baskets looked very cheerful.

Here's the train station. When the children were little, there used to be a Madame Tussards waxwork here, nowadays it's full of shops and cafes, as well as trains of course!
Here's a youtube video.

 Museum and Guildhall

A lovely narrow, wonky street. The shop on the right is up for sale and has a very ugly For Sale sign on it, just not right for a photo.

This is the view of the town when you stand near the exit of the castle. You can see past the statue of Queen Victoria down the bunting-bedecked Peascod Street which is the main shopping street. you might need to zoom in a bit!

This must be the Queen's postbox as it is inside the Castle grounds, here are some others about the town. The insignia on the box is for Edward VII

I am astonished to find out that Anthony Trollope, born 1815, the author of the Chronicles of Barset or Barsetshire Chronicles, the Palliser novels and other books - he wrote 47 in all, introduced the postbox to Britain.  It is his bicentenary this year.

Trollope used to write his books every day from 5am - 8am and then go to work as a Post Office  Surveyor's Clerk and gradually worked his way up through the ranks almost to the top of the Post Office.  As part of his job he had to travel to Europe and came across roadside postboxes in France and Belgium and proposed that they were introduced in Britain. In 1853 the first pillar box was trialled in Jersey.  Then pillar boxes were gradually introduced throughout Britain.  They started off red, then went to green to blend in with the surroundings, then, as people couldn't find them, went pillar box red.

The earliest Royal insignia on the pillar boxes is the VR of Queen Victoria, so it is quite good fun spotting the different ones.  There are apparently only 168 showing the insignia for Kind Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936.  So if you are stuck for something to do on holiday . . . .

That's it for today!

Back tomorrow. See you then.


  1. Fascinating pillar box history! Funny where things can lead you when you start finding out about them isn't it. So interesting. xx

    1. Yes, I have found out all sorts of things because of this blogging business! x

  2. I'm impressed with the dedication to writing - a 5am start every day! The postboxes are an interesting story, great to learn about their history. We too had a wonderful time in Windsor a few weeks ago, it was Aussie hot at the time and we loved seeing the changing of the guard up the High Street!
    Wren x

    1. It's so colourful isn't it. It's amazing what you find out when you start blogging! :-)

  3. How interesting - I never knew that about Trollope! He certainly was industrious. Three hours of writing before work is impressive. Windsor looks very attractive - I shall have to visit one day.
    Cathy x

    1. He sounds as if he was very keen although I think he was a bit of a tearaway when he first started at the Post Office. :-)