Sunday, 30 August 2015

Watts Gallery


When I first started my blog I posted about some of my favourite places and one of those was the Watts Gallery in Compton, near Guildford, here's the post which suggests a walk from Guildford station. We decided to go back, by car, and see the exhibition of Richard Dadd's paintings together with the permanent galleries.

The grounds were looking beautiful. Above you can see the sculpture gallery with Physical Energy on view - three full size bronzes were made from this model, one of which is in London.

William De Morgan's beautiful tiles and ceramics and Evelyn De Morgan's paintings had been given their own section of the gallery.

The main Watts collection had been rehung.

As this post is getting rather long, I'll tell you about Richard Dadd in the next one.

We just had to stop for a welsh rarebit in the excellent cafe which is always packed.  They use all sorts of mis-matched china which works rather well.

All so delicious.

I'll have to put the kettle on now, I'll be back in a jiffy.


  1. We visited there in March this year and really enjoyed it! Glad you had a good time. xx

  2. This looks like a fascinating gallery and one I'd love to visit one day - thanks for sharing your photos:)

    1. There's a great chapel too and the Watts' house/studio is being renovated too. :-)

  3. It is a magical place isn't it? Enjoyed reading your posts about it.