Thursday, 13 August 2015

Upton House near Banbury Warwickshire


I hope you are having a nice day.

The National Trust has some fantastic properties which are always excellent for a cup of coffee or a meal to break a long journey.  It's great to get out of the car and stretch those legs and you feel that the money spent there is actually helping to maintain these beautiful properties for generations to come.

We came across Upton House under such circumstances and I was just thrilled with the garden.  It was just so exciting!

Here's the house from the back garden

Here's the garden from the house
I can hear you shouting out - but it's not very interesting! Well, can you see the people standing at the edge of the lawn?  The land just drops away to reveal a marvellous garden and lake.  It's a ha-ha. Fancy that!

Here's a National Trust photo giving an aerial view:

It's a really steep drop!
We are standing by the lake at the very bottom, looking up the terraces to the top where the lawn and house is located.  There are beautiful beds of flowers as well as vegetables grown on the slope.

There is also a bog garden off to the side of the terraced garden and another pond with lots of fish.  The house is associated with the Bearsted family and there is an extensive art collection to explore too.

I just love the surprise of it all.

Cheerio for now.

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  1. At first I thought that I didn't know the house and then when I saw the photo of the garden and the pond at the bottom I recognised it and remembered indeed just how steep that garden is! It is incredible isn't it. Glad that you enjoyed it! xx

    1. They are all great though, aren't they! x

  2. How lovely, the garden looks amazing. We like to find NT properties to stop at on long journeys too - they make an excellent place to have a break:)