Sunday, 9 August 2015

Southsea Rose Garden

On the site of the old Lumps Fort, right on the seafront at Southsea is a spectacular rose garden with over 40 species of roses. You can imagine the feast for the eyes and the nose in August when they were all out (the roses not the noses!). I could have done with an enormous tower to stand on to get an overhead shot.

There is a memorial to the Cockleshell Heroes who were based at Lumps fort and trained in the sea there before embarking on their brave mission in canoes.

The inscription on the memorial reads:

The Shipwrights Way 

This sculpture commemorates the 'Cockleshell Heroes'.
During World War 2, thirteen Royal Marines volunteered for what they
knew would be a dangerous mission. The men trained here, at the fort
in front of you (now the Rose Gardens) and on the sea behind you,
using collapsible canoes nicknamed 'cockles'. When the time was
right, they travelled across the channel by submarine HMS Tuna and
then canoed over 100 miles to Bordeaux harbour under cover of
darkness, where they successfully mined the enemy's supply ships.

There is a film of their exploits starring Trevor Howard called The Cockleshell Heroes.

Many thanks for dropping in, lovely to see you!


  1. Beautiful roses!!! The scent must have been amazing. The monument is very moving too isn't it and beautifully carved. xx

    1. You would have loved it there, all those flowers, glorious. x

  2. I can't believe this - I have been going to Southsea every year since 1987 and I had no idea! Rapped knuckles for the Best Beloved, I think, I bet he knows about it. x