Saturday, 22 August 2015

Magna Carta Quilts

Hello again!

It seems ages ago since my Five on Friday Magna Carta post and in fact it is even longer since the Magna Carta was drawn up - 800 years in fact.  To mark the anniversary a group calling themselves the Magna Carta Quilters have produced 8 wonderful quilts showing the story and legacy of the Magna Carta. They were unpaid and any donations received will be sent to Human Rights charities such as Amnesty International.

If you haven't managed to catch an exhibition, here are the four quilts showing the story:

The squares round the edge each represent a letter and spell out the 39th Clause from the document.

Here are the four Legacy Quilts:

Although my photos are a bit wonky and the lighting conditions varied, I hope if you zoom in you can see all the beautiful stitching.  Each panel is 60" x 80", here is the website giving details of the story and all the people featured.

Here are a couple of close-ups. Look at all that squiggly black stitching to make the faces. Incredible.

The panel below was designed to look like the Thames and area near Runnymede where the signing took place. People can sponsor a square and have their name sewn on. It was originally displayed on the back of the quilts but as the room in the Arts Centre is smaller, it is on it's own.

I've found a few YouTube videos about the making of the quilts.

Now we can all dash off and make one!

Tomorrow I'll show you some other quilts and items made at the Arts Centre that were also on display.

Thanks so much for popping by.


  1. Wow, they are amazing pieces of artwork aren't they! xx

  2. How amazing, and what a lot of work!
    Cathy x