Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Garden Update

Hello and thanks for popping in.

Is it me or is it a little chilly today?  Ha Ha!  No the sun is out and here are a lot of big chillies.  Perhaps I should issue a warning as things are getting much hotter now!

A fuzzy pollen laden bumble clinging to a red cornflower

Eucomis - look at it now!

Home grown marigolds from plants last year - the French and African marigolds have got muddled together and produced Frican or Afrench ones!

Heather is starting to flower again

There we are!

We've had a fabulous sunny weekend which has made all the difference.

See you soon.


  1. It all looks lovely, I agree a bit of sunshine does make all the difference x

  2. The chillies are looking really good, mine failed miserably.

  3. Nice garden offerings! Interesting about the marigolds. Beautiful hydrangeas.