Sunday, 12 July 2015

Where Have You Beans?

Down on the farm, the clouds were quite cloudy. Would it rain before I had picked my produce?

A new patch of raspberries had been opened up, so many juicy rubies to choose from! Next, carrots and finally another pot full of strawberries, just to help the farmer out of course . . .

I wasn't sure about picking a cauliflower, surely a knife would be needed? I didn't want to pull the whole thing up leaves and all - how embarrassing. Fortunately the shop had a spare one. Phew!

A few drops of rain but not too bad.

Home again



  1. Lovely to pick and collect your own produce! xx

  2. We haven't gone to a fruit farm for ages. It's lovely coming home with all that produce. I love the idea of picking your own cauliflower!
    Cathy x