Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Shop Walking

Good morning!

It's a bit drizzly today so the photos taken on my fortnightly walk at the park by the shops have taken on a sparkly appearance. Look, the rowan berries are changing colour this week, not quite deep red yet.

A nice juicy slug skateboarding on a leaf.  Lunch anyone?

The herbaceous borders have taken on a bit of colour, someone's been busy planting. 

What's this?  Why, it's the Globe Theatre descended on the Arts Centre, of course!  Two outdoor shows are being performed in the uncanny representation of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre more information here.

The real star this week is the tree near the house. It has enormous white blooms.  I think it's a cornus but I'm not too sure - Amy tells me it's a magnolia grandiflora, thanks Amy!

The swan family are still going strong on the lake

and look at these cones.

Thanks for dropping in.

Bye for now!


  1. Nice to see all the blooms and the swans at the park.I think that is the same slug I stepped on this morning in bare feet :o

    1. Yuck, poor you! Hope you have recovered! :-)

  2. Ugh! Slugs make me shudder (I'm shuddering just thinking about them). I was inside for most of the day yesterday as it was very drippy for most of the day, but it's definitely brighter today. It's very lovely watching summer get into full swing now, and your photos capture that. I'm very impressed with the reconstructed Globe - if I lived nearer I'd drop by to watch a play :)
    Cathy x

    1. I was going to do a few close ups of the 'globe' but changed my mind - it definitely looked better from a distance but I'm sure it will give just the right atmosphere for the shows. x

  3. Love the skateboarding slug, perhaps that's why they get round so quickly! x

  4. A lovely walk! Always great to see what is growing isn't it. xx