Thursday, 2 July 2015

Old Books


We're having a heat wave at the moment, 41° on Wimbledon's Centre Court! It's a bit hot. I've found myself something to do in a nice cool place.

I'm in the middle of emptying a very old cupboard.

The books inside have probably been standing on the shelves for over a hundred years. Some have been prized possessions maybe even prizes at school. Others have been there ready to be consulted when a need arose like the Home Doctor or His Own Mechanic (1891).

Along with the Teach Yourself Swedish or Italian like we all have tucked away are some little gems.

Actually published in 1914

I'm not sure we'd get away with a title like that these days.

There was a really comprehensive set of gardening books with lovely detailed illustrations from 1884.

A travel guide to South America with a vivid illustration of the perils of vampire bats

In the Harmsworth History of the World there is a picture of London at the time 1908.

Tucked into another book was a piece of folded newspaper. I wondered what it was about and why it had been saved all these years since 1959?

How times have changed!

I've enjoyed my cool dip into the past.



  1. Fascinating books, especially the Radiation Cookery Book :)

  2. What wonderful books!!! You must be enjoying your trip into the past. A lovely relaxing activity for such a very hot day as it was yesterday! xx