Sunday, 5 July 2015

Garden Highlights


There isn't a great deal of change in the garden this week. The chillies are beginning to pick up following a bout of greenfly. Those that were started last year and overwintered indoors look great.

The others from seed are flowering and getting taller

The beans have purple buds

The tomatoes and potatoes are flowering.

I've cut back the nemesias hoping they might flower again. The cornflowers are all red, white and blue but my photos look rubbish! Things are generally ticking along but there's nothing new this week

Next week I hope to unveil the home made automatic watering system using ping pong balls amongst other things but it still needs a few more tweaks!

Lovely of you to call in.

Have a good week


  1. Am so intrigued by the ping pong watering system!

  2. I have chilli envy, mine are little and sick looking

    1. It's been a bad year really, I expect I'm being impatient though!