Monday, 27 July 2015


Hello again!

Many thanks for all your kind messages, it's great to hear from you.

Here's a few butterflies for you. Needless to say they kept fluttering about while I tried to focus on them and some only opened up their wings when the camera batteries went flat!

I'm not a butterfly expert but I think this one is a speckled wood

How about a gatekeeper?

A comma

and a holly blue

With a damselfly to finish off with.

How lucky we are to have all these varied insects flying about around us!



  1. Gorgeous photos, especially No. 5. x

  2. Very pretty - butterflies do make one feel very happy!

  3. I think the butterfly in picture 5 is the one that was sitting on my cardigan the other week which I wanted to photograph, but didn't get the opportunity to!

    You have reminded me I must try to take 15 minutes to count butterflies to report on the Butterfly Count!

    You take such lovely photographs, Karen. Have a lovely weekend.

    Barbara xx