Monday, 1 June 2015

Woolly Birds

What a to do! We've had the binoculars out as some extraordinary birds have landed in the garden! I'm not sure what species they are but they are quite colourful and each one is different.

This one has taken a fancy to the verbenas.

Oh no not the radishes!

This one is after me, I'm sure! Eek! It looks a bit ferocious with a wonky beak.

Seriously though, I've been using up my scraps of wool by crocheting these bower birds courtesy of Lucy at Attic24. The instructions are so easy to follow and you soon have a bird in your hand - which is better than two in the bush!

I've made a few hats and small bags this week, all in my parcel for Loving Hands 

These two are looking for a tasty snack!

At home
I'm not sure what to do with the birds but they are addictive to make especially when all those woolly odds and ends are being used up. Perhaps I should follow Amy's example and turn them into a mantel decoration.

Bye for now :-)


  1. I love your birds!!! They are very cute aren't they! xx

  2. Your birds are fantastic! I made a couple and started some more - you've reminded me I should finish them. You could paint a small branch white and attach them to it or make a mobile?
    Cathy x