Saturday, 13 June 2015

Grey Hair

What's so bad about grey hair?

Over the years I have added a bit of colour to my hair as the quantity of grey hairs started to increase hoping to tone down the lighter patches. I used the potions easily available from the supermarket and tried various shades that would blend with my dark hair.  Although it is fairly quick and easy to wash in, it is definitely messy and a bit of a palaver.  It looked fine afterwards but after a couple of weeks would start to fade.

When the grey started to take over, mainly at the front, I thought I'd try the expensive option of the hairdressers to have lowlights through a half head of hair. This was a more permanent dye that lasted for a few months.  It looked good but I had a struggle with the hairdressers who were used to turning people a solid colour rather than balancing all my natural colours.  So after a month or so, it would start to grow out and I would have a harsh line where they had put the darker streaks.

I also felt that the darker colours didn't go with my skin colour and made me look peaky. I see this as I look at others in the same position, all going about looking washed out.

I decided enough was enough and I would let it do it's own thing. One benefit has been getting into the cinema as a senior citizen as the young salesperson made an assumption! Ha ha!

I am also saving a lot of money.  Just think how much money would be saved worldwide if everyone stopped as well!  The things that money could be used for, all those charities could make good use of.

Another benefit would be that we might have a few changes in the fashion industry as perhaps we would have a better choice of colours available if there were more people after colours to go with grey hair. At the moment, if you want a pink cardigan you have to wait ten years until it is back in fashion again. Think of all the different shades of pink there are, how wonderful if we could have that choice. Other colours are also available!!

It hasn't been plain sailing being grey though. There's a lot of prejudice. There's a lot of frizziness.  Grey hair is tougher and has different properties that need to be understood.

I have come across purple shampoo and conditioner which seems to work well with the colour and shine. Wax keeps the frizz at bay. Now I have many streaks of natural colour and my complection matches.

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Oh yes, grey hair! I know that I would be terrible at keeping up with going to the hairdressers and getting it dyed and I am too scared to try myself, so I am just letting it be. I don't want to be streaky or have tide marks so I just leave the grey. It seems to be a lot more common for people to leave their hair to go grey now doesn't it. We will be the ones in fashion! xx

  2. I'm in the 'dye or not' dilemma. I've got grey at the front in my dark hair which looks lighter than the rest of it. As you say, supermarket dyes are a bit of a faff and I often end up darker than my original hair colour. Hmmm, maybe I should just go with the flow too :)
    Cathy x