Saturday, 23 May 2015

Windsor and the elusive Pipers

So as the bus drew into Windsor, the road was closed as it was the exact time for the changing of the guard at Windsor Castle.  We all got off the bus to see!

At 10:45 the Foot Guards from the Household Division march out of Victoria Barracks together with the Guards Band and head up Sheet Street and into the Castle. Today, they were accompanied by me dashing along the pavement trying to get a few photos. It was all quite spectacular especially with the Band playing.  Sadly, they are a teeny bit fitter than me so all the pictures are from behind!

What choice did I have? I had to follow them, well after I had bought a ticket of course! - a bit steep at £19.20, but it does allow repeat visits for a year.

I had a plan, as the band played on I dashed into St Georges Chapel to find - a John Piper stained glass window!

Back tomorrow, bye for now!

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