Saturday, 9 May 2015

John Piper at the Sanderson - yet another splendid window

Isn't it a blooming nuisance when you open your book on the train ready for a new world to spring forth and find you've already read it! How could that happen? I realise I have bought two copies of the same book rather than the newest by Kate Atkinson. Bother. Arrgh. Still I have to say that Life After Life is excellent and well worth a second read.

Off the train who should I spy but a previous travelling companion, guess who!

My quest for today was to track down another John Piper stained glass window. Do have a look at my other posts.  I had to find a hotel - Sanderson - which was somewhat huge and rather 'modern' both inside and out.  Fortunately, with permission, I found the billiard room hidden behind a curtain.

I'm not sure if I noticed the purple billiard table first or the zebra chair in the dim light, no it was definitely the window which was H-U-G-E.

Here are my snaps, some are a bit fuzzy though, sorry about that.  I took some of the room too to give you an idea of the setting.

What about that! I'd love to have had a peek at the bedrooms!

Still no time to loiter, there are other places on today's list.  I'll just nip on the tube and join you again when I get to my next destination!



  1. Wow - what a fantastic array of colours and shapes and yes - it's so HUGE! Thank-you for showing us this - it's amazing. Judy.

    1. Quite a job to make it I imagine, especially the bits in the middle!

  2. Wow, that really is amazing isn't it, and yes, huge!!!! Not sure about the furniture, but the window is great! xx

  3. Chairs with antlers, a new concept! There was also a red lips sofa but someone was sitting on it so I decided not to take a photo. x