Thursday, 14 May 2015

Go Slow


Did you catch BBC4's slow programmes last week?

What a joy! No annoying commentaries or music, just arty camera angles, fresh air and a slow unravelling of craft excellence.

There was a 2 hour canal trip filmed in real time down the Kennet and Avon Canal. You passed barges on the way with cyclists riding along the towpath and birds twittering away.

Three films of craftsmen at work making - a blown glass jug, a wooden chair and a blade.

The dawn chorus.

A trip round the National Gallery.

This idea has come from Norway who showed a 13 hour knitting session - I can't wait for that to come over here - along with other programmes.  13 hours of knitting - how fabulous - I might even be able to knit along as long as it wasn't too fast!! Apparently the BBC are considering a balloon trip and the Radio Times are asking people to write in with their suggestions.

It's all so relaxing and you are able to notice those tiny snippets of detail that are obscured with all that usual overpowering extra noise. For instance, while we watch the chair being made, we peek through the window of the house to see the lady of the house grooming the dog, a small moment which adds colour and depth to the work of the carpenter.

BBC4 Goes Slow

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  1. It's been a busy week, so although I knew it was on I didn't watch, but shall definitely catch up with it now. The canal trip sounds good, as do the crafty things - thanks for sharing :)
    Cathy x