Monday, 25 May 2015

And the rest . . .

Following on from my other Windsor posts here and here, thought I had better get a few traditional views of Windsor Castle while I was there. I didn't visit the State Apartments or the dolls house but will use my entry ticket another time and have a look then.

The moat is beautifully planted with all sorts of flowers including a prolific honeysuckle. The grass was impressively stripy but you can't go down and have a closer look.

Pretty almshouses in the Lower Ward of the Castle

There isn't a cafe within the grounds so I had to pop into town to Carluccio's - where else? - for a you know what before heading down to Eton College to see if I could see their Piper windows.

Needless to say I found I would have to apply to the Provost but the Porters seemed to think it would indeed be possible.

Eton College taken from the Castle

So just like The Terminator - I will be back!

A couple of other things were noted before the bus whisked me back past Legoland - lovely but far to expensive at £48 a day - until I was home again.

Jubilee Fountain

Clock in the pavement

The copper horse at the end of The Long Walk

The Long Walk - 3.5 miles to the copper horse in the distance, good job I had my camera so I didn't need to walk!

Post boxes ER, GR and

Thanks so much for all your previous comments and for dropping in!



  1. That is a great collection of postboxes isn't it! The grounds are beautiful aren't they, that orangey yellowy pinky rose is stunning!!! Hope that you can get to see the windows. The price for Legoland certainly has increased a lot since we went some years ago! xx

    1. The rose was magnificent especially on the cute house. :-)

  2. I haven't been to Windsor for years but last time I went I did do the long walk and thought it would never end! Love the postboxes - I don't think I've ever seen a VR one. Judy. X

    1. We'll have to call it the Too Long Walk. x