Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eden Project

Whilst staying in Plymouth, we decided to visit the Eden Project.  According to the website:

'The Eden Project does much more than offer a memorable day out in Cornwall. Eden is also a charity and social enterprise.
As well as creating stunning gardens and laying on fantastic arts and music events, much of our energy goes into:
  • running transformational social and environmental projects on our doorstep and around the world
  • creating unforgettable learning experiences for students
  • doing valuable research into plants and conservation
  • making sure we run our operations in the greenest possible way.'
Here are our photos to give you an idea of what to expect.

The project is located in a reclaimed kaolinite pit.

The biomes are constructed from a tubular steel frame with transparent panels manufactured from a plastic called EFTE.

The temperatures are controlled to provide tropical and temperate climates.

70 tonne granite sculpture of a seed in the Core building.

How the Seed was constructed

It took 2 years to hand carve the Seed taking inspiration from nature.

There are lots of colourful educational and interactive displays within the Core building.

There are several cafes.

Rainforest Biome

There is a Canopy walkway so you can look down on to the large plants.

Malaysian hut, paddy field and vegetable plot.

Mediterranean Biome

Outside, seasonal plants

Outdoor gardens

Sculptures . . .

. . . unusual plant combinations . . .

. . . quirky information displays . . .

. . . with an ecological theme.

 There is lots more information on the website if you want to visit.  We enjoyed our day out and managed to get a discount as we travelled there by train.

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