Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Good things come to those who wait and in this case it was a train!

After an excellent day in London, which I'll tell you about tomorrow, it is particularly annoying when, with only one station to go, the train breaks down. Rush hour commuters stare into their phones and strain their ears for announcements while station staff rush up and down the platform.  Then the inevitable, it's everybody off.

The automatic announcements carry on regardless telling us that the train is delayed, the train right in front of our eyes. Eventually it limps off, followed by others that have been queuing all the way through Berkshire probably.

Then the signals fail, another train is stuck. Passengers wonder and then organise taxis, more announcements to say that the train is delayed, really distracting and not at all helpful.

Luckily though, Jeeves is at hand in my bag brightening my nonexistent journey.

Using the voice of Hugh Laurie, you can't help but smile as Bertie Wooster answers the phone to his Aunt Dahlia with 'A very hearty pip-pip to you old ancestor'. Jeeves is off on his holiday shrimping at Herne Bay so we know that without his steadying influence we are off on another rollercoaster of a ride.

Talking of rides - suddenly at the station, the signals change, wheels start to move, passengers crush into their longed for trains and off we go.  Normality is resumed.

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