Monday, 27 April 2015

SHP in the sun - again

It's been two weeks since my last shopping walk, how time flies.  Nature has been busy - the swan is still sitting on her nest but tiny moorhens are little balls of fluff hiding by the edge of the lake.  Finally the whitebeam leaves are out in the supermarket car park.

A few clouds in the sky

A crocodile munching a piece of holly - well it's a tree really, thank goodness!

A spot of japonica

A few more clouds over the lake

A coot (white beak) and a moorhen (red beak and glorious yellow/green legs)

A hasty photo of the moorhen babies before a dog whooshed up and chased them all away


A few more clouds

Hurrah! whitebeam leaves

Whitebeam trees

and again, flanking the path
There's allsorts going on in SHP though, I'll mention that tomorrow.



  1. I've never seen moorhen chicks - what wonderful balls of fluff. I must revisit the moorhen nest I spotted on Ardingly reservoir to see if she has any chicks. Judy X

    1. It was a shame the dog arrived as there must have been four or five of them but they all dashed off. Happy hunting!