Sunday, 12 April 2015

Iffley and a few more Windows

St Mary the Virgin church in Iffley has a John Piper stained glass window, which I definitely had to visit following our trip to the Chilterns and Farnborough to see some of his other work.

As if I had planned it, the Church is conveniently located on the other side of the River from Iffley Meadow nature reserve and to get there you have to cross over the Lock which is just so beautiful.  You can see the church higher up on a hill.

Iffley Lock - crossing involves several pretty bridges, one of which is a mathematical bridge copied from the one in Cambridge.

St Mary the Virgin, Iffley - why is there always a tree in the way?

John Piper's window donated by his wife.

Tree of Life - the animals are announcing Christ's nativity . . .

. . . and the latin words . . .

. . . are to sound like the animal's calls (Quando Quando - like quack quack etc.)

This window is by Roger Wagner

Inside the church

High up as shown below

I couldn't get a picture of the other three windows

The church behind the Lock

Walking back to Oxford, a couple of people rowing but I don't think they will be part of Saturday's Oxford and Cambridge boat races!

Oxford's beautiful buildings taken from Pembroke Square.

A pretty street in the middle of the city
So back in the City, desperate for a cup of coffee, I headed for Modern Art Oxford.  More on that tomorrow!  Bye for now.

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