Saturday, 11 April 2015

Fritillary Hunt at Iffley near Oxford

In 2014 a record 84,190 snake's-head fritillaries were counted in Iffley Meadows nature reserve near Oxford.  How fantastic!  I had to go and see for myself.  So after a train ride to Oxford and a two mile walk along the River Thames, or Isis as they call it there, I found the nature reserve.  Nobody was about, just a large green field.  I searched and searched but only found two.  I was too late.  I resolved to go back this year for another look.

Luckily I noticed a tweet from the Isis Farmhouse, a pub/restaurant near the meadow, which alerted me that they were up and pink.  No time was to be lost.  Again I reached the meadow and the search was on.  Lots of stalks but no flowers - oh no I was too early - but then, through the gate, there they were!  You have to get your eye in as they are hidden in the grass, not like those brazen red poppy fields.

Quite difficult to photograph, but a lovely natural phenomenon to view.

I wonder how many there are this year?

More on my Oxford trip tomorrow, see you then! 

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