Tuesday, 3 March 2015

South Hill Park

What a glorious day!  A trip to the shops turns into tree spectacular.

A silver birch (betula pendula) reaching up to a deep blue sky.

Clouds across the ashes in the parkland

Four swans on the lake

Some sort of willow - bay maybe

You can just about see a common moorhen here.

Fast moving clouds

oak (quercus) part of the beech family

This fir and the one below, I'm not sure on the name but they have large cones later in the year

The white things on the ground are actually seagulls


This is my favourite tree - it looks rather plain at the moment but over the year it provides a good display of leaves, flowers and berries.  It's a whitebeam and jollies up the Supermarket car park a treat.

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