Monday, 2 March 2015

The Big Painting Challenge

'Dreadful. Earlier on did actually snort with laughter just looking at it'

So said judge Daphne Todd OBE in the titles of The Big Painting Challenge, the BBC Bake Off type show for painters.  As yet we don't quite know what she was looking at, a treat to come no doubt.  Good luck to the remaining 8 competitors in their quest to be Britain's best amateur artist. Selected work will be displayed at Tate Britain. For a bit more about the programme, look here

In conjunction with the main competition runs the Little Painting Challenge for anyone who wants to have a go by drawing or painting on a postcard (a special preprinted one that was attached to the Radio Times - more information here ) and sending it in. The best 1000 will be displayed at the Whitworth, Manchester (newly refurbished and on my list to visit).

Go on, have a go! Don't even think about the judges!

Personally, I'm pressing on with my squares.

Here's an update - 130 done, 66 to go and then I'll join them all together.

Look at all those colours! Fabulous.

Bye for now.


  1. Thanks Kathy. You are the first person to leave me a comment - so exciting!