Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sew sew knit knit sew

Buttons galore!  I've just finished a couple of baby cardigans which needed a button or two, so the tin has been upended ready for a rummage.  I'm a bit behind with the knitting due to the painting and gardening and stuff but I've made a few things for charity with the donated wool.

My button tin

All in all over the last couple of years I've made for charity: 41 jumpers; 55 hats; 7 bodywarmers; 11 boobs; 3 chicken coats; 1 dog coat; 10 scarves; 18 blankets; 13 bags; over 100 dresses; 90 smoothie hats and 84 other woolly things!  I've lost a few photos which had some other items on but still all that has kept me busy!

I have also cut out a dress and skirt which need to be sewn up.  Good old Fabricland, I just couldn't resist.

 Also on the go is a cross stitch, but I only get round to that when there isn't any wool in the house!  So I haven't done any for a -  g  -  e  - s.  Here are a few I made earlier though.  I love the way you start with a completely clear piece of material and all those beautiful colourful embroidery skeins and after hours and hours, voil√†.



I don't know how anyone can be bored at home.  There's so much to do!


  1. Your cross stitch/crewel work is amazing. They look as though they are paintings. They are all beautiful.