Sunday, 22 March 2015

Gardening and Planting

A superb afternoon for gardening!

My dear husband has started to plant his chilli seeds.  He is planting four of each type in home-made soil plugs to start with to see how many germinate.  Here are some resident in the living room at the moment.

These plugs are just in the process of being made.  Six parts soil to one part my hair - it's ok, he collected it last time I had my hair cut!  The hair is there to help bind the plugs together.

Chitted potatoes almost ready for planting.
Our Spring corner, watched over by the dog.

Hyacinth - looks so waxy.

Tiny daffs from Lidl's planted in a mixing bowl.

Primulas - these have retained their pinkiness from last year.

Crocus enjoying the sun.

Heather.  I've got my big woolly jumper on as it's a bit chilly.

I've cleared out the pond ready for action.

Here's all the wood piled up from the felled trees.

The birds are chirping away and the bees from next door's beehive are flying around. Wonderful.

Bye for now! Got to buzz . . .

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