Saturday, 7 February 2015

Eversley and Finchampstead

Yesterday I was a person in search of antiques, a touch of a bygone era. Glamour, sophistication, polished surfaces.  I headed over to  Eversley Barn Antiques which has featured on the TV, so it must be good.

As the sun was sparkling despite the bracing wind, I nipped up the road , once said antiques had been suitably admired, to the church.

St Mary's has been around for 900 years, here's a spot of history.

I didn't realise Charles Kingsley of The Water Babies and Westward Ho fame had been a curate and Rector here. His wife was Frances 'Fanny' Grenfell. I wonder if she was related to Joyce - George, Don't do that - Grenfell?

Off to nearby Finchampstead Church - St James'. I didn't go inside but mooched about nearby until I was frozen.

 Then home to put the kettle on.  Defrost . Ahhhh

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