Monday, 16 February 2015

Emily Young

I love these angels by Emily Young. They can be found high up on columns near St Paul's Cathedral in London.

She is acclaimed as Britain's greatest living sculptor. As her   website  says:

Emily Young was born in London, to a large family of writers, artists, poets and politicians, and spent part of her childhood in Italy, and the English county of Wiltshire, near Stonhenge and Avebury.
As a young adult, she travelled widely, visiting alongside European countries, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. She has lived in New York and California, Paris, Rome and Kabul.
She has one son, the composer/musician Arthur Jeffes.
She now spends her time between the UK and Italy.

Although she has created a number of these heads from different materials, I cannot seem to find where they are installed at the moment. So if you find one, do let me know!

The Fine Art Society website has some more photos of her work.

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