Monday, 20 February 2017

Unravel 2017


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Unravel - a Festival of Knitting - took place in Farnham over the weekend, this is the 9th year it's been on and it's the first year I've noticed it was on and visited.

Farnham Maltings was crammed full of wool in all the colours of the rainbow and more. A bunch of excited ladies were thrilled as they jostled from stall to stall imagining all the things they would make. There were talks and workshops too,  How does Knitting in the Round with Woolly Wormhead or Stranded Knitting with Juju Vail sound? I know.

You sock knitters would have gone wild with the choice and would have socks coming out of your ears with all the temptation.

Yarnbombs outside the venue

Janie Crow had a stand displaying her beautiful designs

Sincerely Louise with her woolly taxidermy

Fabulous textures from the magazine Selvedge. Do zoom in, it's all fantastic and costs a fortune.

Most wool sold was in hanks like those at the front

La La With Love Recycled & Sustainable Yarns

Part of the knitted bird display
In case you're keen to see the list of exhibitors, here's a link. I went to the talk by Kate Jenkins which I'll tell you about next time.


Friday, 17 February 2017

Five on Friday -Winter at Wisley Garden

Hello again!

Thanks for visiting especially as it's Five on Friday, Amy at Love Made My Home has organised another link-up over on her blog which you'll be able to see if you click on the link. Thanks Amy. 😊

Thanks also to my dear friend for taking me to Wisley Gardens this week for a great mooch and a natter.  Here are my five from this impressive Royal Horticultural Garden, still asleep for the Winter but with buds and bulbs getting ready to bloom.

Woodland Flowers

The Spring bulbs are starting to push through the ground. The hellebores and snowdrops were looking beautiful but in a couple of weeks, you won't be able to move for crocuses.


A warmer day greeted us and hundreds of others who were all set to see the butterflies fluttering in the glass house, a special event for half term.  Later in the day, the skies grew grey, light rain fell and a rainbow shone over the RHS Wisley buildings. Henry Moore's King and Queen surveyed the lake trying to decide on a swim or not.

Weird Wonders

Colourful metal flowers popped up in the flower beds, a prelude to the anticipated real ones.


The small gardens and beds had been tidied and reorganised ready for the growing season. In fact a lot of construction work was underway, however some specimens had their time to shine before all the colour breaks through again. This bamboo caught my eye with its striking stems.


Last of all, you have to have a look round the gift shop and at the plant sales.  Something for everyone.

Have a good week.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Time Travel


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Last week wandering round The MERL at Reading University I was soon imagining times gone by.  I was back in a Thomas Hardy novel. In my mind's eye I could see Tess of the D'Urbevilles traipsing through the Wessex countryside or working as a milkmaid or maybe Gabriel Oak from Far From the Madding Crowd with his sheep. All the equipment was there, already well used, with its own story to tell.  Smocks and bonnets in the overflow storage cabinets hung immobile after all the work.

Then I was transported to my primary school and the small bottles of milk we used to have every day, even if the cream on top was frozen and had pushed the foil top off the bottle.   Look at all the adverts on the milk bottles below.

Still going strong these days are the potters, basket weavers and lacemakers, such patience, time stretching in concentration.

Bang up-to-date are the interactive exhibits, buttons to press, questions to answer. This table changed and changed and changed. Quick, quick, press the button.

All the while, this old radio was broadcasting part of a significant episode of the programme The Archers, an everyday story of country folk which started in 1950, poor Grace Archer was trapped in a flaming barn over and over again. Would she ever be rescued?

Time for a rush round outside and a cup of coffee.

Back in time for tea.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Along the Canal


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A couple of weeks ago, we headed off along the towpath of the Basingstoke Canal whilst it was frozen and today we drove a bit further along and joined the Canal near Brookwood.  This time the water was flowing, ducks were swimmng but it was still blooming freezing.  In fact it started snowing gently as we walked back to the car. Great walk though.  Here's a few things we passed on the way.

A strange tree

Look at those beautiful mossy retaining walls.  The train runs high up on the embankment above.

A mysterious gate into the undergrowth.
Thankfully a cafe came into sight just when we needed it, a chance to warm up.

I expect on a sunny day St John's Village looks a treat as it looked quite good in the cloud.

More signs of kingfishers but only on the map.

There are quite a few locks in this section of the canal.  Three close together required investigaton.  Next time we'll have to go the other way as there are even more together climbing the hill.

There's Mr CK - no, not the one running!  Don't fall in.

You adventurous running and cycling types would have enjoyed it here, quite a few people were making the most of the towpath.

A few pink bulbs were starting to decorate the edge of the bank, what could they be? Berginia perhaps.

Brr! time to get home and put the kettle on, crimson of course!