Friday, 2 December 2016

Decorations on Five on Friday


Thanks for popping in.

We're back on with Five on Friday today thanks to Amy at Love Made My Home. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all, I've missed you!  Having hit December already, there's a Christmassy feel to all the usual places. Here's what's happening inside the Arts Centre at the Park by the shops on a cold, frosty day.

One  - Cinderella

Panto season starts this week, oh no it doesn't, oh yes it does! To celebrate the new Cinderella production, the café has been transformed with large clocks all over the walls to remind us all to make a dash for home at midnight before the car is turned into a pumpkin.

Two - Trees

The 'elves' are busy putting up the Christmas trees. I didn't see any although a couple of ladies were creating something special with the chandelier.  I'll have to have a peek next time.

It looks like a spooky shadow on the wall but in actual fact, the darker colour on the wall is how the room looked in days gone by and they decided to leave it like that when they redecorated so everyone could still appreciate the original colours.

Three - Arts Week

During the school holidays, free community projects took place over the area. I rather liked this banner made in Binfield library. Have a look at the link to see all the events they ran, what a great idea to give the community the chance to get together and have a go at making something. Looks like another Arts Week is being organised for next year.

Four - Wilderness

Andrew Hawkins has an exhibition of wild landscape paintings made up of thick layers of unconventional materials, showing moorland through all the seasons. The information sheet says  'They remind us that we are but another layer in time.'

Five - Outside

So beautiful on a frosty day, hope you enjoyed my photos yesterday.

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Frost at the Park


Thanks for calling in.

I just couldn't wait to get to the Park by the shops when I saw the frost on the ground and the fabulous winter light shining through the windows. I wasn't disappointed.

By 9:30 it was up to 1°C.

The seagulls in the lake seemed to be enjoying standing on the ice even though half the lake was available for swimming.

You'd think the grass was an icy lake in the photo below.

The children's park looked like it had come from a previous time, frozen in time.

What a wonderful day. Mind you time to get that kettle on. Care to join me?


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ascot Racecourse


Thanks for dropping by.

Ascot Racecourse was a great venue for a Christmas Fayre, especially as it enables non-race goers the chance for a look behind the façade on the High Street, not inside the main building but round the back!

The front of the racecourse, rebuilt in 2007, looks very grand.

Some of the older buildings
To the right of the pavilion building on the High Street is the entrance to a tunnel which takes you under the course to  Ascot Heath, the circular area within the white fences of the racecourse.

This is the back on the grandstand, you might be able to make out the Royal Box where members of the Royal Family watch the races, The Queen is especially keen to see her horses race.

Looking towards the finishing line. 
There were, of course, no horses or ticket holders about but I could just imagine the excitement on race days with horses thundering along the turf, glamorous glitterati cheering on their favourites, bookmakers calling out the odds and picnickers drinking bottles of bubbly and clunking their glasses together.

Today, only dog walkers were pootling about enjoying the cool air as the sun struggled out from beneath the cloud.  We decided to walk the course and I regretted not bringing a plastic horse with me to recreate the buzz of raceday in an amusing perspective-altering photo.

Walking round we passed a couple of lakes/reservoirs in amongst the Autumn-leaved trees. Luckily there were no adders about as signs were up warning that a woman had been bitten by one in the Summer who could well have died. Three-quarters of the way round, near fence 6, a great chunk of the course was cut out to allow access to the road. Poor horses, what a dilemma.  Did they have to jump over the gap?

On the road were two wide tracks scoured in the concrete.

Turning to follow them in the opposite direction, we were surprised to see a great chunk of grass on wheels which must be pulled in position to fill the gap! Fancy that.

Back up by the grandstand with another glimpse of the Royal Box, we found the tunnel and followed it back to the High Street, our bag of cakes from the Fayre calling to us.

The Heath is open daily for the public to use.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Fayre


Thanks for popping in. 

Aren't there a lot of Christmas Fayres around at the moment.  They conjure up the feeling of festive spirit before you go but in reality they are a bit of a squash.  You are carried on a tide of eager people past all the colourful stalls crammed full with tempting goods. Royal Ascot Racecourse was no exception. Packed to the rafters but with small areas of calm, a few things caught my eye especially in the food section.

A delicious Christmas scent wafted over from Scented Floral Creations

A tree decorated with rolled up magazines at Papa Razzi, whatever next!

A few other ideas for trees from Stonecrop Nurseries

A sparkly one

Hampers full of tasty snacks from The Truckle Cheese Company

Couldn't resist these yummy cakes from Farmhouse Direct Ltd.

How about a bird box?

Or a carefully cut out card from Cardology

Some twinkly lights

Or some wobbly ornaments.
 These cakes had to come home with us - summer fruits frangipane tart, coconut tart and an orange chocolate nut shortbread. Yum!

After the battle, a spot of fresh air was most welcome as we headed to the tunnel to Ascot Heath in the centre of the racecourse. More to follow.